The landfill is a real organism that lives on a life of its own.

Among the civil engineering works is certainly among the most complex and sophisticated because, in relation to its environmental impact, it is necessary to manage a multiplicity of extremely different situations.
In relation to the “delicacy” of the treated material, the waste, the design of this civil work has been the object of explicit regulation since the 1980s. (As foreseen by the Ronchi Decree, the most recent legislative provision is Decree Law n. 36 of 13 January 2003 implementing European Directive 1999/31 / EC).

The Regulations, and the geosynthetics in landfills.

Legislative Decree n. 36 of 13 January 2003 provides that the competent local authorities can approve alternative design solutions, characterized by thicknesses lower than those established by the legislation, provided that they guarantee equivalent performance to those resulting from the adoption of the required thicknesses. An increasing number of administrations since the entry into force of the Decree, has adopted alternative stratigraphies, which provide for the use of geosynthetics for technical and economic reasons.

Technical reasons: performances equal to or higher than those foreseen with the use of natural materials are assured, the loads on the waste body are reduced in favor of a better landfill stability, the final height of the landfill is reduced, reducing the environmental impact , the uncertainties of performance deriving from the use of natural materials that are of a non-homogeneous nature are reduced.

Economic reasons: Reducing the thickness of the base and cover stratigraphy releases useful volumes for waste disposal, reduces the cost of procuring and transporting inert materials, reduces set-up time and, in relation to quality control and of the characteristics of industrial products, it is able to guarantee a constant performance.

SINECO INTERNATIONAL, thanks to the thirty-year experience of its staff, is able to propose itself as consultants to analyze and study solutions able to meet the needs of customers.

During these years, suitable products have been developed from SINECO Company for the solution of every problems relevant to drainage (brand SINDRAIN) and erosion (brand SINMAT), finding wide use also in the realization of the landfill works.

In these projects must be foresee works to drain the bottom of the landfill, to drain the surface from the rainwater and gas, to drain the perimeter through trenches to facilitate the disposal of water and works to contain and reinforce the land in order to control the erosion phenomena.